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#fsxldc Custom your full size/ extra large diaper cake

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Full size diaper cake are three tier high cakes, that have a special surprise of your choice  in the middle of the cake for your recipient.
Extra Large diaper cakes are three to five tier high diaper cakes, that gives you the same look as the full size but two to three times-1 the size. 
Each full size/ extra large cake starts off as a basic cake with
  1. up to 35 diapers* for full size cakes ; up to 70 diapers* for extra large(double size) cakes
  2. 9 oz bottle
  3. Reusable flowers and ribbons, with base, tulle wrapping, and hang tag. 
choices you can add to your cake
  • Baby lotion, shampoo, baby wash
  • Baby body suites (cotton or organic)
  • socks (cotton or organic)
  • Diaper Cream
  • Comb and Brush
  • towel
  • Wash cloths
  • blanket
  • Message Card
Shipping Note:  Shipping on an extra large cake like this one will increase your shipping price and a you will receive a separate invoice for the additional shipping price.   
*  Please note diapers amount are based on your  brand choice
-1 To have a diaper cake three time the size min. amount of diapers for a cake that size is 105.